Tuesday, February 11, 2020


"Free Spin (Wheel of Fortune )

Try your luck at the Wheel of Fortune with Free Spins!

Every player can use up to 5 free spins per day!To use this free option, access the 4th game (Wheel of fortune) and then click on the “Free Spin” text/menu.It will then display “Free Spin” and you can start the game by clicking on the green “Free Spin” button.Every day you can use 5 free spins, no matter if you have funds on your account balance or not.

The free spin comes with the following rules:
– Players must have set a valid email address in their account settings
– It’s not allowed to create or use multiple accounts for the free spin
– Do not use any sort of VPN/Proxy services to access our platform"


Welcome to SHARKOIN!

"Increase your cryptocurrency funds on one of the most popular cryptocurrency gambling platforms. Rated among the most trusted gambling sites for more than 2 years and counting!
Here at SHARKOIN, we have a game for every player! You can play all our games in the free demo mode or deposit to play for real and win big amounts of cryptocurrencies!"

"0.50% of every bet made by players referred by you gets added to your affiliate account balance. Whether they win or lose the bet, you always earn money! Use (post) your affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK.com or and other social media website! Promote SHARKOIN in emails, on YouTube or anywhere else you connect with your friends or an online audience.
If you own a website, you can use all of our cool banners below to get even more clicks and new players which will boost your affiliate revenue!
Click on “transfer” to add your affiliate revenue on your SHARKOIN account balance.
You can withdraw funds from your account at any time!"

"Get a SHARKOIN sponsored deal!
Are you a creator who owns a popular Youtube channel with over 1k subscribers?
Perfect! Here at SHARKOIN, we would be pleased to sponsor your video!
Add our short advertising clip in your video and let your viewers know that your
video was sponsored by SHARKOIN.com - and earn!
By adding your affiliate referral link into your video description, you can even earn additional funds directly from our affiliate program.
Your earnings will depend on the number of subscribers you channel has, as well as your average video view count.
Contact us today to get your personal sponsorship quote!"

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